User Interface Design Course

quoteWell designed, gives a great and useful opening to user centered design. Thank you very much. It was a great experience for me...
-- Lyah

User Interface Design is a 4-week course that teaches you how to design user interfaces. Good user interface design is a critical part of the success of a product or Web site. If you would like to learn the process of designing an effective user interface, then this course is for you.

What makes a good user interface? What is involved when designing interfaces? How do you design the right navigational model for your interface? This course examines these issues and teaches you how to create a sound user interface.

In this course, you gain an understanding of the overall user interface design process and learn how to develop user scenarios, a user object model, a navigational model, and an exploratory view of the user interface using low-fidelity (paper) prototyping techniques. By the end of this course, you will have developed a set of user scenarios, a user object model, a navigational or flow diagram, and a paper prototype for a small software application.

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  • 4 weeks of one-to-one instructor mentoring
  • Three one-hour teleconferences: These teleconferences take place on a Wednesday afternoon starting at 4:15 PM EST for one hour. Although not mandatory, your presence in these teleconferences is recommended. If you are unavailable to attend, you can download a recording of the teleconference.
  • Expert feedback on assignments
  • 200 pages of self-paced readings & interactive quizzes
  • Downloadable HTML and PDF version of course materials


  • Successful completion of the User Interface Analysis course
  • Working knowledge of English
  • A desire to work on products that understand users

Computing Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Class Start Dates

— March 9, 2015
— May 4, 2015


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About The Instructor

The instructor will guide you throughout the course by providing one-to-one mentoring. During the course, the instructor will answer your questions by email or phone, provide you with feedback on your assignments, and lead optional audio teleconference sessions to discuss the materials and assignments.

Hans Bergman is a user interface design consultant with over 25 years of experience in teaching and human factors. He is the owner of Convergent Design, a company that specializes in human factors design. His clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Nortel Networks and Motorola.

Student Reviews

Overall well done to the course team on a very practical and useful course. The personal touch via teleconference with instructor (Hans Bergman) makes the course a unique learning experience. A very enjoyable online learning experience overall. -- Dave

Really enjoyed the course, with good assignments and good direction from Hans.. --Dermot

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