Information Design Program

The technical writing profession is continuously evolving as technical writers face the challenges of learning new tools and applying new design concepts for different types of information documents. ¬†Take your technical writing skills to the next level, and become an information designer. As an information designer, you’ll be a multi-skilled professional who can analyze user requirements, write meaningful content, design attractive documents, and produce content for a variety of print and digital information.

The Information Design Program prepares you for a career as an information designer. It is designed to provide you with foundation training in the core information design disciplines of writing, graphic design and human factors design.

Information Design Skills

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to employ systematic processes and newly acquired knowledge to increase the usability and performance of their information products, interaction designs, user interfaces, web products, and training systems.

This innovative program is flexibly packaged to meet the needs of today's life-long learner. If you want to take your time, you can take the courses part-time, at your own pace, over 18 months. Or you may choose to follow the suggested course schedules for the five month accelerated program or the twelve month program.

Once you sign up for the program, you will receive a 10% discount on each course at the time of registration and you only pay for one course at a time! This means that you can work your way towards the Information Design Certificate one course at a time.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive an Information Design Certificate at no charge from one of our participating university affiliates. You'll be able to pursue an exciting new career in one of these information design disciplines: technical writing, online documentation, online help design, e-learning course design, user interface analysis, or user interface design.

Required Courses

Professional Technical Writing (12 weeks)
Graphic Design (6 weeks)
User Interface Analysis (4 weeks)
User Interface Design (4 weeks)
Usability Testing (6 weeks)

Plus one of the following courses

E-learning Course Design (8 weeks)
Online Help System Design (8 weeks)
Professional XML Authoring (12 weeks)


Depending on the courses and electives you take, the program will cost between $1579 US and $1759 US. Students pay for each course on a "pay-as-you-learn" basis (no big upfront cash outlay). Once they have completed all of the required courses, they are issued the certificate.


To sign up for the program, send an email to Information Design Program. We will provide you with a registration discount code and you can start taking classes immediately.

Further information

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